iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 Design

Yet again, we see the biggest companies in the mobile world go head to head with new releases packed with loads of innovative features and big promises to be the ultimate in smartphones. As some might know, multiple major companies compete to be the best, but here we’re looking at the iPhone XS Max from Apple vs. the Galaxy s9 Plus from Samsung.

Both these devices range around the same price, making them perfect for a direct comparison. The great thing is, they use their software, making them completely unique, not only with how they work, but what they’re capable of as well.

Both these phones joined the market late in 2018, starting with eh Galaxy S9 being released in August and the iPhone a month later in September. These phones represent the best of what each manufacturer has to offer, making it the peak of their features and what they’ve come up with. So, let’s find out which of the phones are better designed and what you can expect.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to quality, you’ll find both the devices are simply amazing. They actually share many of the design qualities, including the durable glass from and back. To wrap it all up, both devices include a strong metal frame around the outside, giving you a heavier and manageable feel.

The screens would be the first place where these phones have some differences, but nothing major. The Samsung has a longer screen and the entire phone is taller than the iPhone. It also has a thicker frame at the top and bottom, but that simply means you get a smooth full-screen view. The Apple has a thinner frame at the top and bottom but still includes the nudge at the top, which doesn’t both most and Apple has made it work well with the notification and settings bar being pulled down from each side.

When it comes to design, it’s all up to you. The Apple has a nicer finish with the polished edges and the clean design, but the Samsung is just as nice with the curved display and neat features. Both of them are especially nice since they don’t include any home buttons below the screen. If having a headphone jack is important, Note 9 would be the winner, but if you’re using Bluetooth, either device would be suitable for your needs.

If you’re someone who drops their phone regularly and water might be an issue, either of the phones will have you covered with an IP68 rating, making them the perfect companion for around the pool.


From what you can see above, there’s no major difference when it comes to design, both the phones have similar features and really carry the brand name high. It would all come down to personal preferences, having a headphone jack and the colours you like. Now that you’re past this part, you can start looking at specific features.