iOS 13 Rumours

All iPhone users are always looking forward to the next release, not only because it gives them the opportunity to upgrade, but also for the new software. iOS 12 is available on all devices right down to the iPhone 5S. iOS 12 did not include a whole lot of features and unique benefits. It did, however, come with some new tools to help make the already available features more natural to use. This is furthered when it comes to Siri and fitness features.

So, with iOS being announced around June this year, what kind of changes and features can we expect for our devices? Well, they have been many rumours provide some interesting ideas. Of course, some of the mentioned features might not work on older iPhones and iPads. They won’t make a difference to what the device can do and how fast it does it.

If you have been keeping up with iOS news, you might find some of the mentioned features were planned for iOS 12. However, Apple decided to hold them back and only release them with 13. Anyway, here are some of the most impressive changes we expect with iOS 13.

Home Screen Redesign

We have become used to the current iPhone and iPad interface, and it’s undoubtedly one of the easiest to use. However, it does not include a whole lot of functionality and personalisation options, which is something we might see with iOS 13.

Apple will be a redesigning the entire home screen interface. This might include split screen options and advanced customisation features that allow you to do everything from lock an app through to splitting apps like YouTube and your emails for example.

We are expecting to see many of the features that are currently available on the iPad Pro, which will come to both standard iPads and iPhones. However, even the iPad Pro is getting a new design, but we haven’t heard much about it.

iOS Could Finally Get Widgets

If there has been one thing missing from the iPhone screens, it has to be widgets. Not just the ones that appear in the side menu, but actually, show up between apps as well. This feature would be especially useful for iPads as you’ll be able to do things like add a widget for notes, drawings and whatever else you need.

There are loads of possible benefits for the feature, which makes it an excellent addition for iOS13. We aren’t 100% sure if Apple will be adding it just yet or if it will only appear on iPads, but it’s certainly a great addition.

The Small Things

Apple will also be adding a whole lot of customisations to other apps, including Mail which is said to have a new mute option on particular threads. We also see loads of additional emojis. We will also see an entirely new design for the file manager. This application at the moment isn’t very user-friendly as it doesn’t make it easy to find things, especially on the iPhones.