Internet Usage in Great Britain Doubled During 2020

The United Kingdom witnessed significant growth with internet usage during 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic cited for the notable increase. Broadband providers realised statistics that indicated Boxing Day was Great Britain’s & Northern Ireland’s most active day for usage. Statistics issued by providers were confirmed by Openreach, the parent company that sustains broadband networks in the United Kingdom.

Millions of consumers were forced into social distancing restrictions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson implemented a multitude of measures that limited civilians from engaging with retailers. It prompted customers to select online retailers like Amazon for their Boxing Day deals. Retail shopping wasn’t the exclusive economic trait restricted to civilian personnel. Christmas gatherings became illegal & live sporting venues weren’t permitted to continue. This enabled prominent growth for online gaming.

Infrastructure networks in Great Britain & Northern Ireland for broadband connections are operated by Openreach. Prominent television providers like SkySports & SkyNews couldn’t sustain their operations without these updated infrastructures. Openreach issued details on the broadband usage sustained this year, which include:

  • Fifty thousand petabytes were consumed in 2020, more than double the volume seen last year.
  • Housing locations in Great Britain & Northern Ireland sustained an average 9GB of usage per day.
  • Consumers accessed 210 petabytes on Boxing Day this year. One petabyte is a million gigabytes of usage.

Gigabyte usage became increased as family & friends were forced to socialize via video messages. Children & Young adults’ consumers a large percentage of bandwidth following an increase in gaming or streaming across multiple services. Openreach clarified that December 26th, 2020 marked their busiest date in history.

The second busiest date that Openreach witnessed in 2020 was November 14th, which marked the date that “Amazon Prime Video” streamed two matches of Rugby without any cost to UK civilians. Broadband engineers never anticipated consumers adopting Amazon’s streamed rugby matches, prompting nation-wide delays in accessibility. That wasn’t repeated during Boxing Day 2020. Openreach was prepared for the increase in usage.