Incompetent Florida Police Arrest Covid Scientist

Evident incompetence in Florida’s Law Enforcement & Department of Health Divisions was witnessed on December 8th. Floridian police officers issued an announcement that Rebekah Jones, the data scientist contracted for developing the stated Covid-19 database, was arrested. Officer accusations say that Rebekah Jones “Hacked” the platform she’d built & prompted Florida’s Department of Health to handle pandemic protocols by expert recommendations.

Video evidence was released by Rebekah Jones on her Twitter handle, which showed law enforcement raiding her home & seizing various items like smartphones in violent manners. Disturbing footage indicated that police officers acted against protocol & positioned their firearms towards children. Florida law enforcement continues to deny that weapons were pointed at Rebekah Jones or her children, with video footage showing otherwise. A spokesperson with the Department of Health suggested that Rebekah Jones was disruptive against police & her former employers. Evidence indicates that this well-respected scientist hadn’t disobeyed orders from officers.

The Florida government & Rebekah Jones became enemies after the Covid scientist publicly issued accusations. She indicated that her platform was purposely altered by Florida’s Department of Health, which enabled them to suggest Covid-19 Cases were lower than the reality. After making these accusations, DOH Management terminated Rebekah Jones.

Rebekah Jones responded by releasing a third-party database without government involvement. That database indicated considerable higher numbers than Florida’s, with contact tracing methods revealing Rebekah Jones model is accurate & the governments had been falsified. When media personnel located evidence that proved Florida’s Department of Health had purposely released lower numbers, Rebekah Jones would be arrested.

Civilian personnel throughout Florida have donated finances to the Covid scientist since being arrested. She has acquired nearly $70,000.00 in legal aid from random civilians. It shows that Floridians see the overwhelming evidence that Government personnel are plotting against Rebekah Jones for their mistake.

Never Accept Responsibility

It’s become conventional throughout the United States for law enforcement to implement strategic cover-ups whenever obvious mistakes are revealed. Streaming services like Netflix have released multiple documentaries surrounding that subject matter. It appears incidents involving Rebekah Jones follow suit with American police & government agencies refusing to accept responsibility.