Huawei P20 Pro takes on the Galaxy S9 Plus

I know it’s old news, but when the Samsung S7 started exploding due to their batteries, it was about the only gap they company left for anyone else to sneak in, and oh boy did many companies enter the market and try to defeat Samsung!

Well, as we all know, Samsung has made it through and decided to supply the army with their phone instead. Well, not by the looks of it anyway. However, they did leave a large enough gap for Huawei to make their way to Android fans and deliver a range of impressive devices that put Samsung to shame but how does it compare in terms and hardware and design?


There’s no point in talking about the software as they both run the same version of Android, considering you keep your device up to date of course. Sure, Samsung does include some additional apps, but for most, they are just annoying and can’t be removed.

Anyway, back to design where we see the Samsung flagship once again impress with that great curve that just allows the phone to stand out in the crowed and they provide some really impressive functionality with it as well.

The P20 Pro certainly isn’t far behind as offers a whole new range of features by creating a device between the S9 and iPhone X. It also comes with the small nudge at the top for the camera but removes the bezels from the screen, which is one of the main things that makes the iPhone X so attractive. Huawei does still include the home button below the screen, which is sure to be a favourite for some while the S9 has the same touch sensor at the back, just below the camera.

Both devices offer finger printer readers and a variety of colours, of which we like the blue Huawei offers the most. Samsung has a slight edge here with the display, but the P20 Pro won’t left you down with a brilliant, high-quality finish either.


The P20 Pro offers an incredibly fast Kirin 970 chip that provides more than enough power for everything you need to do. However, the S9 does outshine it with the newer Snapdragon processor and an amazing 6GB of ram, which is why it’s currently the fastest around.

With that Snapdragon chip and the rest of the setup, the benchmark for the Samsung pulled out a huge 8,295 while the P20 managed an impressive 6,240.


Both the phones offer the OLED screens, looking really impressive all day long, no matter how bright it is outside. Of course, the screens have all the colour and features you need, thanks to Samsung’s OLED technology in the mobile world.

It’s understandable that the company would keep the best displays for their own devices, which is why the S9 once again takes the cherry in this round. It has almost 200 more nits than the P20 and covers a much wider spectrum with the RBG colours. However, don’t think the P20 screen is poor as it also comes with brilliant brightness and colours few other manufacturers can match up with.