Huawei 5G Infrastructure Banned from the UK.

Politicians in the United Kingdom announced that Huawei would be phased from their 5G Networks. Telecommunication providers in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland cannot obtain 5G equipment from Huawei starting in January 2021. Parliament prompted this decision after national security was threatened through Huawei’s equipment. Similarly, to the United States, Great Britain determined that China’s Communist Party was collecting the data of UK Civilians without prior permission. This collection effort is maintained through Huawei, HTC, and other Chinese Telecommunication Firms.

The UK Parliament is avoiding an influx of Huawei equipment being purchased by including a specific condition. Telecommunication providers in the United Kingdom will be provided several years to deconstruct any equipment purchased before January 2021. These providers will also be regularly audited by the UK National Cyber Security Centre, ensuring that the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t obtain high volumes of data. It’s suspected this Parliament-based decision will cost taxpayers £2 Billion.

Deciding to stand against Huawei goes against their former position with this Chinese company. The UK Parliament had previously bolstered that Huawei’s capabilities to provide an efficient & reliable 5G network were unparalleled by their competition. It’s suspected that their position changed after the United States provided an influx of data that didn’t favour Huawei. After the United Kingdom National Cyber Security Centre backed the information handed over from America, Parliament had no choice but to move forward with a nationwide ban.

Telecommunication providers & inside sources operating in this industry have mentioned that banning Huawei will significantly delay 5G Networks in the United Kingdom. Oliver Dowden from the UK Digital Culture & Media Sports Commission was the 1st to remark this prediction. Oliver also mentioned that new manufacturers of 5G equipment are needed immediately, which are rare to locate in the United Kingdom or the European Union.

The Pressure

America introduced global pressure against Huawei, with the United Kingdom having to traverse around the demands of President Trump. After America gained allies in their fight with Huawei, pressure for the UK to phase out Huawei 5G equipment has grown exponentially. The main point behind an international ban against this Chinese Telecommunications Provider is stopping Beijing from spying on foreign civilians.