How To Register An FIR Online In Delhi? [Tutorial + Video]

How To Register An FIR Online In Delhi? [Tutorial + Video]
Learn how you can easily register an FIR online in Delhi without any need of going to any police station. This tutorial will help you understand that how can you submit the report of any lost object just using web interfaceof Delhi police.

Here is the step by step guide with images for registering an FIR online

Step 1
Visit official Delhi police website and locate the Lost report section.

Step 2
After locating the Lost Report section, click on the Register option under the Lost Report tab. Make sure to click the right Register button.

Step 3
After clicking on the “Register”, you’ll be forwarded to the form submission page, where you have to fill all the information carefully and correctly. After filling in the details, enter the captcha code and hit the Submit button.

Step 4
After this, you’ll receive an email from Delhi police within the next 2 hours with your FIR PDF copy and from here you can either download or print it directly, then you can submit it to your college or anywhere it is required without any hard work.

For More Accurate Information Here’s A Video Guide

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