How To Play WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2011 Game In Android/iPhone Smartphone

In the following guide, we will teach you how you can play the WWE game “Smackdown Vs RAW 2011” in your android or iPhone smartphone using a really easy method.

There are two versions of WWE Smack down Vs Raw 2011 game. One for PSP (playstation portable) and one for PS 2.  Our guide is for the PSP version as there is currently no way to play or emulate the PS 2 titles or games in Android or iPhone smartphone. Make sure your device meets the minimum requirement given below or else the game will not run or lag a lot and may cause a lot of damage following processor overload.

Device Requirements: 

1. At least 1 GB RAM

2. 1.2+ Ghz Dual core or above processor
3. Good GPU
4. 4.5″+ Screen

1. Jailbroken (Won’t work on stock and unmodified version)

Here are the steps you should follow to play Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 in an Android or iPhone smartphone.

Step 1:  Install the PPSSPP emulator in your smartphone
For Android, go to Google playstore and search PPSSPP emulator. There are both paid and free version available of PPSSPP so you can download according to cumfort or simply follow this link “PPSSPP For Android”.

For iPhone/iPad: Refer to this article:

How To Install PSP Emulator On iPhone And iPad?

Step 2: Download the WWE Smack Down Vs Raw 2011 Rom
After installing  the PPSSPP emulator, you need to download the game itself. You have to download either of.ISO or .CSO Rom file of the game. Here is a link below for the .ISO file of Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Step 3: Load the .ISO file in PPSSPP Emulator
Now open the PPSSPP app in your android or iPhone smartphone, then tap on load option. Now navigate to the location where you have downloaded the .ISO file and now game should be running.

It is possible that your device may not be able to handle the graphics and frames and may will result a force close, If the game is lagging a lot or running very slow then switch the audio off in PPSSPP settings. If the problem continues then don’t play or else it may will damage smartphone.

So, that was it. If your device is loaded with heavy specs then this game will run smooth on your smartphone, Subscribe to All Gadget Buzz for more gaming guides, suggestions and solutions.