How To Make Fake News For Pranks? – Punny Guide

How To Make Fake News For Pranks? – Punny Guide
Who doesn’t love pranking others, that sheer moment of surprise or that shameful reaction and the red face of the person who gets pranked makes other LOL. Fooling people can be both fun and crime, but if done within limits, then it’s only fun and regarding this not so serious topic we’re gonna share some really cool ways to make fake news for pranks and fooling people online.

Below Are Some Really Great Techniques To Make Fake News

Make News Clips With is a great website to make such unreal news about things that your victim or friend is curious about. With fodey, you can make many mouth watering headlines to lure people in your prank using those realistic snippets like the one below. Just log on to their site and fill in all the details to get your fake news snippet.
No, it didn’t

Fake News Paper Coloum

One step ahead form fodey. With this website, you can create a whole fake column. The website jaguar paw is great for making hilarious unreal pdf files which look identical to make newspapers. Just sneak in one pdf file along with your notes when giving it to your friends with a funny headline like “Snake bravely rescued a gold fish from sinking in deep river”. 

Fake Web Articles

The previous methods were great, but this one is extremely awesome and easy to use. Noob, an Indian website which can generate fake articles online, using many of their awesome templates. You can also add your friend Facebook id to put his profile picture in the news. I, myself use this site mostly for pranking my friends.
These three techniques are the most easy and amazing way to prank other, whether you print a page, share notes or share a link. Using these methods you can make people fall for your fake news.