How to Get Apps Apk File From BlueStacks In Winodws/Mac-Tutorial

How to Get Apps Apk File From BlueStacks In Winodws/Mac-Tutorial
In this tutorial, we’ll teach you the method to get the apk file of any application from your BlueStacks software in your windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and also in Mac OS with both text and video tutorial.

Follow This Method To Get The Apk or Application Package Of Your Installed Apps In BlueStack

Step 1

Download and install a file manager in your bluestack with the feature of application backup so we can easily extract the apk files from the system. For this tutorial, we’ll use ES File Explorer.

Step 2

 Open the ES Explorer and go to the home page by swiping left from the SD card storage.

Step 3

Click on the apps option with the blue android icon. Here, all the apps that have been downloaded and installed on your device will show. Click and hold the app until the edit menu pops up and click on the backup.

Step 3

Now, the backup or the extracted apk of the application will be ES Backups Folder. Path is /sdcard/backups.Here again, long click on the app and cut or copy it.

Step 4

Now, we have to paste the file in the sdcard/windows/documents as this folder is shared with Windows. If it’s a Mac than the folder may will be named Mac. Locate to windows folder, open it and open document folder and here paste the app.

Step 5

After pasting it, Go to documents folder in your PC and same in Mac and you’ll find the apk files. Don’t worry, if files are not showing in Es Explorer.
Now you’ve successfully got the apk file from bluestacks.
Here Is Our Video Guide For This Method

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