How Samsung’s New S10 Compares to Apple’s XS

Samsung has finally released its new flagship device. The Samsung Galaxy 10. It certainly seems to be out to damage just about everything else on the market, thanks to the super-fast Snapdragon 855 chip! Apple released its latest device towards the end of 2018, offering their most recent technology with the XS, presenting the A12 chip that’s been the one to beat up to now.

So, does the Samsung compare to it or does Apple still own the market with their impressive 2018 release? Before we begin, keep in mind that the S10 has double the amount of ram, offering 8gb in the base model and up to 12gb with the plus. Here, we’ll be testing the 8gb model.

Booting Up

Let’s start with the basics and see which of the two phones gets from entirely off to booted and ready for use. Pressing both on buttons at the same time, you’ll get a reaction from the Samsung first as it presents the logo and starts to boot. The Apple almost seems to have a longer reaction delay on the on the button, meaning you need to press it longer before it boots. The Samsung moved onto another logo while Apple still sticks to the white Apple, which remains there until it fully booted. With just about one second difference, Samsung took the win.

App Launch

Samsung made a note of its app launching times in their speech, which got us excited to see how much faster it is. At first, we were too impressed as standard apps such as settings, telephone and messages opened about the same time as the Apple. However, when moving onto games and significant apps, it all changed as Samsung’s massive amounts of ram allows it to launch the apps in about half the time Apple does.

When it comes to smoothness within apps and games, we didn’t see much difference as there isn’t much room for improvement on the Apple XS. Even when we access unique options on Samsung devices. We see Apple respond with simple features. Even switching to your Instagram profile is faster on the S10 and doesn’t take any time to load.

Launching other apps such as Photoshop happened faster on the S10, not by much, but there’s no question that Samsung had the win with some apps. Even loading big pictures in photoshop happens faster with the S10, which is impressive considering the specifications of the device. A vast difference came in when trying to save a large picture to your camera roll after editing it in Photoshop. The S10 won by far here while Apple took about three times as long to do the same thing.