How an SSD Could Completely Benefit Your PC

How an SSD Could Completely Benefit Your PC

SSD (Solid State Drivers) are the latest hard drivers that simply take the speed of your PC as it is and makes it about ten times faster, and no, this isn’t some magical software that just ends up adding viruses and unwanted programs to your PC.

A solid-state hard drive doesn’t have any moving parts, but it rather made up of microchips, which completely eliminates the moving header we see in hard drivers. Remember, a hard drive needs to move the header to where the information is stored before it can access the info and load it. We won’t go into the process too much, but it’s important to understand why hard drives are slow in comparison. While a regular hard drive does this really fast, it still has to move and then read as past as the header allows. All of this works, great, but with the introduction of microchip hard drives, there are no moving parts, meaning it accesses information instantly and loads it.

What Does an SSD Improve?

Well, just about everything really. Firstly, if you have a laptop, it provides a better battery life as it doesn’t have to drive the moving parts in the HDD. You might not gain massively from the SSD as far as battery does, but it could add as much as 10% to your total battery life, depending on the hard drive you used before.

The main benefit comes with the loading speeds of everything from your operating system that goes from off within a couple of seconds where it might have taken a couple of minutes before. It opens programs seamlessly within a split second and allows you to transfer data at a much faster rate. An SSD allows your entire computer to run better as ram doesn’t have to wait for data to load and your DVD drive isn’t waiting on the hard drive to read/write.

How do I Get an SSD?

They are available just about anywhere and actually really easy to install. However, it’s not quite as simple and plug and play as you’ll need to migrate your OS and programs to the SSD before you’ll see the benefits. There’s no point in keeping an old standard hard drive and putting your pictures and movies on an SSD as the programs you use to view the media would still take long to load as they are on the slower drive.

The SSD prices are still rather high, especially when you want to buy a terabit or even 500gb. Therefore, we recommend adding the SSD as your main drive and using the older hard drive as your data drive. This means keeping your media on the older driver and using the SSD for all the programs and operating system.

For laptops with only one drive bay, you can change your DC tray into a hard drive with a special caddy. They are easy to instant and really work well, which is a good switch in today’s internet driven world as you need to download just about everything these days.