Home Automation for 2019

Home Automation for 2019

In home automation, we see huge trends as companies come up with new ways to introduce features that make our lives easier. These devices have become a lot more than just speakers that play your favourite songs when you ask it to as they now have the ability to control your home by turning off lights, locking doors, and even changing the television channel to something you’d want to watch.

With the start of 2019, we yet again see new trends entering the market from major companies, including Google, Amazon, Apple and now even Samsung. We also see a whole lot of new devices set to work with these automation devices, allowing you to do more with the systems and make your life even easier.

Google has once again been the company to keep an eye on as they provide the best upgrades for features and services. They actually started the trade show with an announcement that their home automation device will be available on more than 1 billion devices by the end of January 2019. That sure is a lot of things you could link your automation device to, which can be controlled directly from your smartphone, even when you’re not at home.


Apple was among the very first to introduce the idea of home automation with their smartphones. Some of you might remember the Home app that came standard with the iOS update a few years ago, which already presented amazing features to simplify your everyday life.

When the company released their speaker, it wasn’t nearly as impressive as the Google Assistant or Alexa from Amazon. It just seemed to have limited features in comparison and for almost double the price.

However, we’re expecting to see some great changes in 2019, which could just add the company to the top list in these devices. However, for the price they charge, they’ll have to come with much better functionality and features to outshine the competition.


Samsung is introducing a speaker called Galaxy Home that works with an assistant called Bixby. The company announced the device in August 2018 but hasn’t given us any indication of the price or release date. We’re hoping to get more details about the decision at the CES 2019 trade show but has already learnt the device won’t be quite as advanced as the major brands.

However, as with Apple, we might just need to give them a bit of time to develope the technology, which could eventually lead to some amazing features that only work with the linked devices, such as Samsung and Apple phones. This would certainly give the company a boost, especially if they would find a feature we want, but can only get in by using a Samsung device.

The 2019 trade show is sure to reveal more information about other companies as they present their own home automation devices, but for the time being, the biggest in the industry still seems to lead with the latest features.