Great Gadgets to Keep An Eye On in 2019

Great Gadgets to Keep An Eye On in 2019

While every new year brings a lot of excitement and great expectations of what the future holds, in the gadget world, there are quite a few things to look out for, which includes new developments in key chains.

Key-port Slide 2.0

Closed the Key-port Slide 2.0 looks like a box of Tic-Tacks or a matchbox, although it houses six different tools or keys inside, it’s the owners choice although this incredible new device already includes a pen, mini-light and bottle opener, as well as an S Biner, lock enabling the attachment of additional items, such as security IDs, the pro version also has a 32 gigabyte USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Most Versatile Key-port

The Key-port Slide 2.0 offers a long list of features bound to make it a favorite since it firstly combines your every key and for such a lightweight device it hosts a great selection of tools. Colors available at the time of launch include ice, red or black and users can select between the Pro or Starter versions. The main advantage is that it accommodates transponder-chipped keys, both high-security and standard, and includes a unique serial number and a reward program if found. Users enjoy one-handed access while the starter version form Think-geek includes a pen, a mini-light, Key-port for house keys, and micro-lock. The pro version adds additional functionality via the 32 gigbyte USB, while it is made of high-durability polyacrylamide resin.

BACtrack Keychain

Taking portability and size in breathalyzers to a whole new level, the BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is a fully functional device, it is a handy breath alcohol tester with internal sensors as well as folded breath tube and an optional mouthpiece is available. It’s the greatest tool to have on you during the festive season since it enables you to easily and quickly estimate your blood alcohol content by blowing into the mouthpiece for just five seconds. The small breathalyzer is small, always with you if you planning to drive and the product is great to test your friends, family, yourself and anyone else who are curious about driving with a BAC above the limit. What makes a handy instrument is how easy it is to use and carry with you at all times.

It is also a great conversation starter as everyone loves to test themselves, whether they at a restaurant, party, bar or just had a few drinks at their friend’s place or actually anywhere else where a few drinks were enjoyed. The results enable individuals to make informed decisions and after rigorous testing, it is found to be as accurate as professional alcohol breathalysers. The battery allows around 150 tests and it could be the smartest way yet to reduce accidents on the roads, not only during the festive season but all year round, while it is one of the most usable gifts. Both the keychains are some of the most innovative gadgets scheduled to launch early in the new year.