Google Removes Huawei from Google Play

The week starts somewhat shaky for Huawei users as Google removes them from their Google Play store and the entire Android platform completely. Huawei has come one of the biggest names in mobile devices, offering top-rated smartphones and tablets that compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung. These devices have quickly become a favourite for users around the world, offering incredible features and functionality while also coming in at much lower prices than their competitors.

However, now that the US is cutting ties with China, we see multiple companies suffer under the new laws, the latest being Huawei. The US Department of Commerce added the company to the entity list last week Wednesday, which stops them from obtaining components and parts from US companies. To do so now, they would need to receive approval from the federal government. It all started with criminal charges that were filed against the Chinese company in January, now making it much harder for Huawei to reach their large US client base.

Google Removed Huawei – What it Means

Since Google removed Huawei, it means that new devices would no longer be able to operate on Android software and they won’t be able to access the Play Store. The new devices won’t have access to any of the Google-controlled apps, meaning new Huawei devices cannot provide Chrome, Gmail or even the popular YoutTube app.

For those devices already in the market, they won’t revoke the use of Google Play, and other Google features just yet, but these devices will no longer receive updates for Android. This means those who are currently using Huawei devices would most likely be faced with certification problems shortly as apps, and the software won’t update to the latest compatible version.

It’s been reported that the company would still have access to the open source version of Android, but without the updates and app store, it wouldn’t make sense for them to remain on the software platform with devices going forward.

More Bad News for Huawei

The new US government move now has other companies following the trend to break ties with the Chinese company. It shows significant hardware suppliers are now stopping their business with Huawei, which includes chip manufacturers such as Inter and Qualcomm.

Some of you might know that Huawei creates their own chipsets for their smartphones, but they have been using other companies to get the hardware to create these parts. Thus, breaking ties with these significant suppliers would results in a somewhat shaky future for the company. However, Huawei reported that they will be going ahead as per usual and still have great plans for the future, even without the help of these companies. On the surface, it doesn’t seem as if the latest news has much of an effect on them, but as we all know, it’s sure to decrease their customers who are fond of the Android interface.