Google Faces Criticism from Employees

The Chief Executive Officer of Google, Sundar Pichai, has received an open letter than 1650 employed personnel in his workforce. These individuals have demanded that Google cancel contractions with Policing Units in the United States of America, with their sentiments remaking that Sundar Pichai cannot stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement if profits are being earned from Law Enforcement. Demands from the Google Workforce come after the 5th week of protests unfolded across America, which in some cases have turned into riots. The murdering of George Floyd prompted an international backlash against law enforcement.

The Google Against Racism Group issued these demands, with formal sentiments provided to news outlets across America. An unnamed employee indicated that words of positivity don’t address systemic racism, that enforcement & legislation dismantle hatred amongst intolerant civilians. Continued remarks evoked that African American Employees with Google have had to explain the wrongful behaviour of their company, prompting widespread disappointment amongst their workforce to Sundar Pichai. Statements from the Google Against Racism Group closed out by enforcing chants of Black Lives Matter cannot be sustained if Sundar Pichai earns profits from criminalizing African Americans.

Details in the Demands

Employed forces with the Google Company have requested that Cloud Contracts with Police Departments in America be terminated. Clarkstown in New York State should be the 1st community that has law enforcement lose access to Cloud-based services with Google. It’s become known that Clarkstown Officers were illegally surveying African Americans in 2015, 2016, and 2020.

Google enforcing the termination of Cloud-based services for Police Departments would benefit all minority groups, including Latin Americans. It’s known that Arizona & Texas law Enforcement use the Google Cloud to track potential suspects illegally. Jurisdiction lawyers to these states have clarified that multiple Latin Americans have been wrongly imprisoned by wrongful strategies shown by officers.

Active personnel have threatened to leave their positions with Google is demands aren’t met. PR Representatives with the Google Against Racism Group clarified that Pichai could not make external statements that supporting this movement, while also earning significant profits from policing units through the Cloud. It’s expected that Sundar Pichai will avoid meeting these demands to deter profit losses during COVID-19.