When finding out if 2 triangles are congruent, is it possible to only use a side and angle if those are the only 2 provided? Help ASAP please.

Accepted Solution

Short answer: No and yes.Β 
Yes First.
If the lower right point (looks like an C perhaps or an F) and the middle point and the upper left point lie on the same line and if D the middle point and the upper right point lie n the the same line, then yes. You have angle side angle. The lower right angle is given as equal to the upper left angle. The angles at C are vertically opposite angles and they are equal and you have been given 2 enclosed sides that are equal.

If the points I've described are not on the same line, then the triangles are not congruent. If I can, I'll edit this a second time.Β 

Please Note:
You have done something that looks a bit illegal to me. I wouldn't just trade pictures. It only costs you another 5 points to issue another question. I do think, however, that it is very clever. In answering about 1700 questions, I've never seen this done. That's commendable.