Supplies for last year cost $1,477, which was $177 over budget. Rounded to the nearest 1%, by what percent did the cost exceed the budgeted cost?

Accepted Solution

so the cost was 1477, which is 177 over the budget, meaning the budget is 1477 - 177 or just 1300.now, if we take 1300 to be the 100%, how much in percentage is 177, the overflown amount?[tex]\bf \begin{array}{ccll} amount&\%\\ \cline{1-2} 1300&100\\ 177&p \end{array}\implies \cfrac{1300}{177}=\cfrac{100}{p}\implies 1300p=17700\implies p=\cfrac{17700}{1300} \\\\\\ p=\cfrac{177}{13}\implies p\approx 13.62\implies \stackrel{\textit{rounded up}}{p=14}[/tex]