PLEASE HELP!!!!! "A country's population in 1991 was 70 million. In 1998 it was 74 million. Estimate the population in 2010 using the exponential growth formula. Round your answer to the nearest million."

Accepted Solution

Answer:81 millionStep-by-step explanation:A = Pe^rt Let's break this equation down.A is the total you will have.P is the starting value.R is the rateT is the time.Let's find the rate first.74000000 = 70000000e^7rDivide each side by 70mil74000000/70000000 = e^7rThen take the ln() of each side.ln(74000000/70000000) = 7r0.0556 = 7rr = 0.0079Now we can find how many people will be there in 2010.A = 70,000,000e^(19 * 0.0079)A = 81336530.2373Now we round to the nearest million, leaving us with 81 million.