Moira simplifies the expression 6y4+3y4 to 9y8 . Use the drop-down menus to complete the statements below to explain why Moira's solution is correct or incorrect.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Moira's solution is not correct. The correct solution is [tex]6y^4+3y^4=9y^4[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: Given : [tex]6y^4+3y^4[/tex]To simplify : [tex]6y^4+3y^4[/tex]Solution : when we solve the given equation Adding two like terms or similar terms [tex]6y^4+3y^4=y^4(6+3)=9y^4[/tex]The moira's solution is not correct because moira use multiplication rule not addition rule.[tex]x^a\times x^b=x^{a+b}[/tex]β‡’ [tex]y^4\times y^4=y^{4+4}=y^8[/tex] Therefore, correct solution is [tex]6y^4+3y^4=9y^4[/tex]