Is 12/50 Grader than 4/5

Accepted Solution

Answer:No, [tex]\frac{4}{5}[/tex] is greater than [tex]\frac{12}{50}[/tex].Step-by-step explanation:The two fractions to be compared are given as:[tex]\frac{12}{50}[/tex] and  [tex]\frac{4}{5}[/tex]Now, in order to compare them, we need to make the denominator same for both the fractions and then compare their numerators.LCD of 50 and 5 is 100. So, we try to make each denominator 100 and change the numerator accordingly.We multiply the first fraction by [tex]\frac{2}{2}[/tex] and we multiply the second fraction by [tex]\frac{20}{20}[/tex] as given below:[tex]\frac{12\times 2}{50\times 2}=\frac{24}{100}\\\frac{4\times 20}{5\times 20}=\frac{80}{100}[/tex]Now, the two new fractions are [tex]\frac{24}{100}[/tex] and [tex]\frac{80}{100}[/tex].Now, we check the numerators. The numerator that is larger among the two has the greater fraction value.Here, 80 is greater than 24. So, fraction [tex]\frac{80}{100}[/tex] is greater than [tex]\frac{24}{100}[/tex] or [tex]\frac{4}{5}[/tex] is greater than [tex]\frac{12}{50}[/tex].