Fascinating Gadgets of 2019

This cute, curious little robot is sure to be anyone’s best friend. With interactive AI Technology, he recognises people and navigate around objects and even prevents himself from falling. Vector is a helpful little Robot who can check the weather, put items on your shopping list, set a timer, take a photo for you and even play a little Blackjack. When Vector feels his batteries are draining, he’ll “put himself to bed” and recharge. He can think, feel, hear, communicate and see, but can he play mini golf?

Philips Someone Sleep and Wake up Light

This night light, alarm and therapy lamp must be one of the best ways to wake up, with many happy purchasers claiming they now sleep better. This lamp is equipped with a RelaxBreathe function to put you to sleep calmly. It wakes you up with light the colour of a sunrise. In a world that is fast paced and where more hours are needed in the day, this may be an investment. It would be even more beneficial to those who enjoy a good ice hockey match or baseball game before bed; it’ll be sure to wake you up gently whether you were playing or supporting.

Neato d7 connected robot vacuum

Picture leaving work at the end of a long day, knowing that the dreaded task of sweeping up dog hair and crumbs awaits you at home. You open your front door, turn on the light and see your reflection in the floor tiles. You now have a skip in your step and Mary Poppin’s “Spoonful of sugar” in your head. While you have been slaving at work, the Neato Botvac d7 has been working hard on your floors. This little bot is dynamite it can be set up for zone cleaning and has quick boost charging. This means that when it is low on power it quickly works out how much battery life is still needed, returns to the charging base, charges to that level, finishes its job and then returns for a proper fee. This D-shaped robot vacuum allows for closer cleaning along walls and its features include, path planning, automatic docking and charging, LCD and three cleaning modes.

Furbo dog camera with treat tossing technology

Furbo understands that there are people out there who miss their pups as much as their dogs miss them. They have therefore designed this treat tossing dog camera. It is meant to stimulate your pooch’s sight and hearing. It also aids you in training and keeping an eye on your furry friend. You can check in anytime to see if they are behaving or pining and with the two-way talk function you can reprimand your pet or calm them if they suffer from anxiety, and if they are good pups, you can serve them a treat while you are out of the house. This is a must-have for anyone who considers their pet, part of the family.