Facebook Launches Updated News Tab

Millions of Facebook users in the United States of America are obtaining a revamped version of the “News Tab”. Instead of focusing on international headlines that remove focus from local municipalities, the newest iteration of Facebook’s News Tab will implement a Sections Feature. The primary section supports local headlines that’ll generate more interest in civilians in that respective municipality. International & Popular will include two additional sections, with all others regarding nationwide discussed topics. Launch date saw George Floyd & the Black Lives Matter Movement. It should be noted that the updated News Tab is supported on mobile platforms for now, with desktop support coming later.

Facebook confirmed that those publishers participating in the reformed News Tab would be paid their dues. Details on what funds are awarded to registered publishers weren’t revealed by Facebook Representatives, with it estimated that per view will be valued at $0.01. Those payments could be terminated at any point by Facebook altering the Terms & Conditions, prompting minimal involvement of publishers for now. It’s expected that registered publishers will increase by summers end.

PR Representatives with the Facebook Company confirmed the associated details with becoming a publisher. An FAQ Document was made downloadable, where Facebook shows the companies editorial strategy & metric systems. Services supported for publishers isn’t managed by artificial intelligence, as Facebook has employed a development team that reviews approved outlets to create the “News Page Index”.

Unknown Details

When questioned on what those guidelines might pertain for registered publishers, Facebook representatives weren’t willing to provide details to the public. It was noted that the development team is transparent regarding the guidelines, noting that employees will be provided with the opportunity to make independent curatorial choices. These representatives mentioned that similar strategies are implored throughout the United States of America with all news outlets.

Unnamed sources that were approved for the News Page Index revealed that publishers were informed that large audiences were required, while also undergoing rigorous questioning to determine the integrity of that outlet. These sources mentioned their concerns towards Facebook forcing a certain mindset onto viewers, with the original goal of this update to avoid that happening a 2nd time publicly.