Everything We Know About the iPhone 11

Those who are Apple fans would know that the next device isn’t the iPhone 11 or XI as they’ll most probably call it. It’s the 13th iPhone to be released, making it an interesting thought when it comes to what the next iPhone will be called. However, with the range already in place and everyone accepting that the last phone (iPhone Xs) is still part of the iPhone 10, it’s safe to assume that it would be the XI coming up next.

So, what can we expect from the new iPhone and would it be able to beat what we’ve just seen from Samsung with their amazing Galaxy S10 series? Well, first we need to look at the history where we see that Apple has managed to put Samsung in their place just about every year since these two major mobile providers started competing. Sure, the Apple doesn’t always have the same amount of ram, and the screens are usually different, but there’s no denying that the Apple manages to beat it in speed tests, provide better quality with their displays and more.

Even the iPhone Xs managed to defeat the impressive Galaxy S10 in some ways. Sure, the S10 is a lot faster, but with certain things such as rendering edits in some apps, the Xs still manages to come out on top and get the job done first. It’s awe-inspiring, especially when you consider that the iPhone has less ram, is a couple of months older and doesn’t have the same technology, which is one of the significant points making is believe the next iPhone will be an absolute beast!

The 2019 Line Up

In 2019, we expect to see another three iPhone models being released, which would continue with current range and complete with the three S10 devices released by Samsung. The current screen sizes would most likely be seen in the new line up, including the iPhone XI with a 6.1” screen, the iPhone XIr with a 5.8” screen and the iPhone XI Max with the impressive 6.8” display.

When it comes to the annoying nudge at the top for the speaker and camera, we expect to see a similar size, which might be a bit smaller. There have also been rumours that Apple will be eradicating it, leaving only a tiny gap for the camera. However, these are just rumours and have not been confirmed.

We’ve also heard that Apple might be getting rid of the 3D touch feature, which hasn’t been the most popular across the series. However, we also see the screen thickness decreasing, allowing those impressive displays to stand out even more.

One of the most impressive features to come is the reverse charging that allows you to charge other phones directly from your device. It would also work with the new AirPods, making it possible to change them or the case by placing it on the back of your iPhone.