Disney+ Accounts Already Hacked

The Disney Corporation is already facing multiple issues with its new streaming service Disney+. Accounts have already been hijacked by hackers and are being sold online through illegal retailers. Multiple stolen accounts are being offered for free via these hacking forums, while others are selling obtained account details for $3.00 to $11.00. The process of hacking these accounts isn’t difficult as there has ben more than 10 million consumers signing up with the service in Canada and the Netherlands. That number is increased by 100 thousand every twelve hours. It’s also been noted that these criminals have begun pirating the Disney+ Library, causing for millions of illegal downloads of the Mandalorian or Lady and the Tramp.

Disney+ must enforce new privacy policies and security applications to guarantee that accounts aren’t illegally stolen. These applications could assist in stopping the piracy of films as well. It’s estimated that more than 10 thousand customers of Disney+ have reported hackers took their accounts or that accounts have been entirely deleted. The typical tactic of logging consumers out of their account and then changing the password resulted in the immediate lockout. The Disney Corporation hasn’t recognized this public issue, as their facing multiple problems with the streaming service.

It’s unknown who the criminals are or how they bypassed the Disney+ security to take over accounts. Regardless, they mobilized quickly and have sold an estimated five thousand accounts to individuals oversees. Security Breach Analyzers suspect that hackers used info-stealing malware to gain access to the server data. The community of hackers on these forums expand worldwide, with hundreds of thousands sharing their information. One way Disney+ has limited its abilities is by lowering the number of account password shares available.

HackerOne, a defence firm that stops corporations from being attacked by outside sources, has reviewed the issues regarding Disney+. This firm believes the best option for the Disney Corporation is to implement a two-factor authentication system, which would immediately stop the daily hacking.

Disney+ Additional Problems

This service is plagued in controversy. Immediately after the streaming platform launched, consumers noticed that Disney had placed all their racist films into one category. This caused a large backlash for the global corporation, who haven’t responded to the proven allegations. Two days later they would face flack for turning all episodes of the Simpsons into a 16:9 Aspect Ratio and then announcing a patch wouldn’t be released until 2020 for standard ratios. If the Disney Corporation cannot gain a hold of this platform and fix the issues plaguing its growth, there’s a chance that they won’t be able to compete against Netflix.