Creating the Ultimate Media PC

Those who choose to use a computer as their media hub instead of buying a smart TV tend to be the ones who make the long-lasting choice and have the advantage of additional features. Sure, it takes a little more time to put together and get set up the first time,  it the great thing is, you only need to do it once, and it’s perfect!

Apart from saving a bundle on the latest smart TV, using a mini PC or even laptop plugged into your TV will let you upgrade and enhance your computer. The nice to this is you can do so without having to download apps again or sign into everything.

The PC choice is certainly the best, but many think it costs so much more and you need special features to get it working right.  However, it’s actually really simple and saves you a substantial amount. Here’s what you’ll need to beat a Smart TVs features and get so much more out of the experience.

Building the Mini PC

NOW, we’re talking about a mini PC, but you can actually use a laptop or full-sized computer as well. The mini PC is just easier to hide away and still provides the same features as the alternatives.

You don’t have to go for the biggest and best of everything with a media PC as it’s only used to store files, play them and download from time to time. Therefore, we wouldn’t even recommend going for anything above an i3 setup as it would simply be wasted on a media PC. Instead, go for a fairly good chip and combine it with an SSD that ensures apps open really fast and files are accessible instantly.

It’s also worth spending just a bit more on the best Bluetooth and wi-fi options as this would just make connectivity a lot faster and streaming would be much smoother. Ensure the motherboard has at least one HDMI port and at least 3 USB port along with any other devices you’d like it to be compatible with.

Add Ons

There are many ways to beat the features of a smart TV once you have the basics of a PC as there are so many that one can remove. Gadgets and other items you can use include webcams for Skype, connecting remotes for gaming, additional programs, apps and much more.

It might take some time to build the ideal PC, but the benefit is that you have the option of buying just a single item and adding it instead of having to purchase a whole new TV just to get a new feature that’s grabbed your attention.

If you’re worried about space to store all your programs, media and other files, a PC is about the only way to go. This is due to the ability to add multiple hard drives without ever having to worry about it. Additionally, you can create a unique file system just the way you want it.