Class Action Lawsuit Issued Against Google

The Alphabet Company is facing substantial hurdles over the 2020-21 Fiscal Years. This follows after millions of Google Chrome users filed a class-action lawsuit through the Boies Schiller Flexner Firm. Their seeking compensation of $5 Billion to account for the illegal activities of the Alphabet Company, who continued to collect data from consumers while they engaged with “Incognito Mode”. The assumption when using this feature is that history isn’t tracked, providing a sense of security when browsing the internet.

Websites worldwide use Google Analytics, which enable for the Incognito Modes method of security to be terminated. Online Sites & Google Corporation can continue tracking the usage of consumers without their knowledge. The particular way of defeating Google Analytics is by disabling the Chrome Extension supporting this tech. This requires downloading an “Opt-Out Extension Program” from the Chrome Store.

Google & Alphabet Representatives have both denied that their actions are illegal, clarifying that the Terms of Conditions upon agreeing to install Chrome, inform consumers that their browsing history will still be tracked in Incognito Mode. It should be mentioned that the legislation stating this fact is to listen in the T&Cs Mid-Section, meaning that 98% of users don’t know what is being genuinely offered to them. Corporations like Google thrive on the unknowing behaviour of consumers.


The Boies Schiller Flexner Firm has appeared in court on behalf of millions. They claim that corporations like the Alphabet Company cannot continue having access to extensive data collection. Lawyers with BSFF mentioned that covert operations should be the exclusive entity with this access. Virtually all Americans are watched by a corporation that doesn’t fall under government regulation. BSFF Lawyers recommended that the American government consider reviewing the internal structure, operations, and legal permissions with Google.

When representatives with Boies Schiller Flexner were questioned on why the independent firm taking this class action lawsuit, they noted that civilians in America have aware that personal telecommunications are intercepted, recorded, and sold as data to Chinese companies. Data like a user’s cellular number trickles its way down to illegal operations, with China selling their acquired data to nations like India. This cycle is detrimental to the global economy & must be stopped.