Call of Duty Mobile November Update Released

Mobile Gaming has turned into one of the largest global industries, with many looking to stake claim over the biggest portable game for iOS and Android. The most recent contender was Player Unknown Battle Grounds Mobile, which has had competition from Call of Duty Mobile. These two shooters are actively battling it out for player acquisition, with CODM set to release new updates monthly. Subsequently, it won’t be long until Call of Duty Mobile dethrones PUBG.

The updates released to Call of Duty Mobile are extensive, providing everything from new game modes to new multiplayer maps. This article details all relevant information on the November update. One of the most significant announcements made with the November update was the release of the Zombies Mode, which was slated for an October release but was delayed because of bugs and glitches. Additional offerings provided to the update include the new Battle Pass System and Controller Support.

Call of Duty Mobile Update History

The November Update for Call of Duty Mobile is the first significant update released for 2019. This update is themed around Halloween, displaying promised aesthetic changes to various maps. The Halloween Update began on October 21st, with in-game changes being delayed because of development errors. Regardless, those playing the mobile rendition of Call of Duty can log in today to acquire themed cosmetics around Halloween. There will also be new loot crates and operators available for purchase through the Mobile Store.

The developers announced a week-long Black Friday Sale for their mobile store. Players can purchase new weapons, cosmetic skins, operator packs and call of duty points for discounted prices. This sale period ends on December 1st, 2019. Those wanting to experience this new update will find that the latest multiplayer maps are themed around the Black Ops Franchise, calling from the 2nd and 3rd iteration in the series.

Call of Duty Popularity Rising

The Call of Duty Franchise is almost two decades old, providing multiple generations with exciting war-time experiences through video game consoles. However, the popularity of Call of Duty was dwindling with the release of World War II and Black Ops 4. Luckily, this has changed with the newly released Modern Warfare 2019 Edition. Taking players back to the roots of the franchise, this title feels similar to classic entries in the series. It’s also the first Call of Duty providing all content updates free-of-charge, ensuring that the fanbase for this title will be prolonged. It’s estimated that COD’s player base with Modern Warfare and their Mobile title is more than 100 Million.