Build your own robot

DJI is known for their Drones, with products like their Phantom, Mavic and Spark Series drones it’s no wonder they have brainstormed up this new, innovative, educational, programmable do-it-yourself robot.

RoboMaster S1

DJI has interestingly opened itself up to a whole new market and with that an outstanding amount of competition, as it has decided to produce it’s very own and very first land-based Robo. However, this spectacular robust robot cannot be grouped in with other smart robots. It is not designed to invoke feelings of love, nor to greet you when you walk in the door. This robot is instead an advanced educational tool conceptualised to teach you code, like few others before it. You might remember Botley or Ozobot, but the RoboMaster S1 shows you not only to program robots but also to build them. This is a fantastic purchase for families who love to create puzzles together but are looking for more of a challenge.

Why should the RoboMaster S1 be on your wishlist?

DJI made a name for itself in the technological world, becoming most respected for the expertise used in its gimbals and drones, and RoboMaster S1 lacks none of this tech. It is intended to assist its owners in learning about Artificial Intelligence while building it yourself gives you a little engineering understanding and basic coding lessons too. RoboMaster S1 sports 31 sensors to help him navigate and detect, 6 of these are built into the robust body aiding it in distinguishing impact. An FPV camera is supplied in the box for you to equip your S1 with, that streams to the RobotMaster App, this means your bot can recognise you, follow you and even understand your gestures.

Educational but Fun

You can code your RoboMaster S1 for robot wars at home, granted your friends would also need their bot. But once you’ve built and coded yours and they have done the same, you can have hours of fun, with laser beams, gel bead blasters and secret one of a kind move to dodge your opponent’s fire. Other features include Mecanum wheels with 12 rollers for moving in many directions, a DJI gimbal and 46 components to be programmed.

Rest in Peace Anki Vector

In other Robotic news, the San Francisco company, Anki, the manufacturers of Vector, is closing down. Vector was an Alexa integrated robot who crept into many consumers hearts. Those consumers will be happy to know that the business’s demise, and loss of approximately 200 jobs, is not due to Vector or his older brother Cozmo, the two were highly successful products.

The blame should be placed on a lack of funding. Although a lot of capital was raised through venture funding, the company did not have enough to support its plans. There is no news on whether or not the already purchased products will have continued support, but the prediction is pretty grim for product owners.