BMW Incorporates Brand-New Technology to X5

BMW Incorporates Brand-New Technology to X5

On average, the BMW X5 won’t ever stray too far from the tarmac. It’s more likely to be at home as it navigates the parking area of malls as opposed to tackling trails on the backwoods. However, BMW decided to change that with their latest X5 model which starts at just over $60,000 when you opt-in for the xDrive 40i. The brand-new SUV will come equipped with sports capabilities as well as a remarkable suite of technology premiered in the BMW X5.

The overall result is an off-roader with updated assist features for the driver, a brand-new infotainment system, and a bunch of additional features that will surely keep every X5 owner happy in the future even if they don’t take it off-road. But in this case, they certainly can.

BMW X5 Infotainment System

The new technology upgrades in the X5 starts with an innovative infotainment system, known as iDrive 7. It completely removes the somewhat square cards on the current system which is replaced by a customizable layout supporting up to 4 individual widgets. Like most cars, BMW has decided to reduce the number of needed taps to successfully navigate to the features that are used the most by drivers. This ensures that your eyes spend more time on the road instead of browsing through tons of unnecessary features. The new layout makes it easier to find your favourite features at a glance, ranging from media and navigation to the off-road camera of the vehicle.

The brand-new iDrive7 even saves profiles onto the cloud. So if you climb into a BMW with the same iDrive7 infotainment system, you simply need to sign in with your account and gain access to all your favourite media, contacts, and locations in a matter of seconds. The new system still uses both the wheel and touchscreen.

BMW Driver’s Assistance Package

BMW has also replaced and updated its driver’s assistant package in the new X5, providing a new way to successfully get through a gridlock with the Extended Traffic Jam Assistant. The system will follow and track the car ahead of you even after stopping for a while. You won’t be required to tap on the accelerator to re-engage the cruise control. During our test, both the lane-keep assist and cruise control seemed a lot more polished when compared to other BMW’s. However, when we used the lane-keep assist, it was extremely aggressive to get us back into our lane once you veered outside the area. Thankfully, BMW will adjust this before the new X5 goes on sale.

Apart from keeping you safe on the road, the new improved system also comes with an automatic lane-change feature. This is extremely cool, but you’ll be more impressed with the Reverse Assistant. It basically records the last 50 yards of the vehicle as it pulls into a parking area and when its time to pull out at a later stage, it will recreate the action, but this time in reverse.