Best New Gadgets – Dec 2018

Best New Gadgets – Dec 2018

The technological driven world has some incredible people who come up with the most exciting ways to improve the way we do things. Sure, some inventions might not suit your needs perfectly while others simply amaze with how easy they make things for you.

At the end of the day, it’s well worth keeping up with the latest tech as there are sure to be things that grab your attention. Let’s have a look at some of the latest gadgets and what they can do to once again improve the things we do.


OWOW brings the new way to making your own music to life by offering a tiny hand-held device that lets you use everything from gesture control to scanning notes to get the perfect sound you want.

Hold the little remove and use it as an imaginary drum as it automatically communicates with your music program on your PC and creates the inputs you making. Even use the web feature by simply activating it on your device and using your hand to control the sounds.

Want some wiggle sounds? Once again, just program it and grab the remove for it to react to the gesture you’re making to get the sound automatically programmed to your DJ or music creation program.

It can even act as an overlay feature that works with your electric guitar, microphone or just about anything else. For example, if you want to whammy the guitar sound, simply play the note on the guitar and use the OWOW to control the whammy with a simply gesture.

iPin Spatial Ruler

For those of you still using the good-old measuring tape, there’s now a new gadget on the market that makes it much easier to do everything from measure distances to seeing just how high something is.

It’s called the iPin Special Ruler and plugs in directly to the headphone jack on your iPhone. This little device provides extremely accurate measurements and allows you to keep notes and even share the lengths instantly.

It’s about a lot more than just measuring distance as this special device can even detect furniture and tell you how big it is. This makes shopping for furniture a lot easier as you can measure the space you have while at home and instantly see the furniture sizes while shopping by simply pointing and snapping a pick.


We’ve all seen those beans you can lie down at the beach after simply opening it open and filling with air by doing a quick spin. Well, how Trono takes it to the next step by offering a chair that has the same feature.

Once again, you don’t need any special tools or even pumps to get it all setup in just a few seconds. Remove it from the bag, open the hole at the back and give it a quick spin to fill up with air. Close it hole, roll it up to provide the stiffness you want and instantly have a seat wherever you go.