Awesome Gifts for Gadget Geeks

Buying gifts these days is so hard, people seem to buy themselves precisely what they need or want, and the items they don’t purchase for themselves have price tags beyond our means.

So, one automatically defaults to socks, soaps, ties or chocolates, and to be honest; these are things we don’t particularly need or already have too much of. These days there are gadgets for everything, even holding your pc cables or slicing and lifting pizza, something for everyone. Below we have listed some items for people who love gadgets but also those who have other hobbies or personality traits.

Self-watering pot for plants – for those with a green thumb

How often have you been cut flowers only to be able to admire their beauty for a week or two? The smart gift-givers take it one step further and give you a pot plant, mine usually survive a month if they are lucky, and end up outside because I have nothing to put it in. The great gift-givers will give a self-watering plant. This gift is terrific for gadget fans, naturalists and garden geeks alike. No matter how little space your gift receiver has, they will be able to grow their flowers, herbs or vegetables in their home.

This self-watering indoor garden is equipped with a tank for a month of watering, an LED lamp for light and warmth and already mixed nutrient-enriched the soil. This gift is also an excellent idea for children to help understand the life cycle of plants in a fun way.

Audio Sunglasses – for those with an eye for music

These sunglasses are not only boho-chic and UV protective, but they also allow you to listen to music. They boast Bose Tech and sports Bluetooth so you can make calls or chat to your mobile assistant and integrate with the complimentary Bose app. This ticks a lot of boxes for people in business and sportsmen or just someone who wants to protect their eyes and discreetly listen to music.

Monet 3 in one phone wallet – for those with a knack for losing their cards

This is an absolute must for your phone-a-holic friends or your girlfriend who hates a handbag but never has enough hands or pockets. How about your selfie-obsessed friend who keeps dropping her phone? This Monet phone wallet is for all of them, and with a wide variety of colours and prints, you can keep them all individually happy.

This simple phone accessory and card wallet can also transform into a stand or a phone grip. Once it has been gifted, the person receiving this remarkable gesture peels off the backing and applies the Monet to the back of their phones. Hey, presto!

Just be sure the Monet will fit your friends’ phone as it might be too big and can cover the fingerprint scanner on some devices.