Apple’s iPad Pro Dominates Laptop and Tablet Market

The original iPad Pro from Apple was incredible all by itself. The combination of mobile and laptop applications along with the innovative functionality of Apple, we saw a device that has everything you need to replace your laptop and do a lot more with that huge 12.9 touch screen.

Now, in 2019 we see the new iPad Pro following the same design flow as the iPhone X, giving it an edge to edge display with the thin frame around the outside. As with the iPhone X, we get the same amount of screen, but on a device that’s a lot smaller. They both provide the 12.9 display, but with the thinker frame at the top and bottom being removed, you’ll see the entire device actually looks a lot smaller.

Sure, it doesn’t come with a headphone jack, but in today’s technological driven world, it’s about time you switch over to Bluetooth and get rid of the wires anyway. It does come with incredible sound, thanks to 4 speakers that provide a surround sound effect for everything from music to your favourite channels on YouTube, which is already a major improvement on just about any laptops.

Speed, Battery, Editing and More!

While the new design and brilliant liquid display would be enough to convince most that the new iPad Pro is worth going for, the rest would depend on the performance of the device and how it compares with other devices, such as the Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft and even the Dell XPS 13 i7.

Both of the above-mentioned devices are super-fast and have what it takes to deliver amazing benefits, no matter what you’re throwing at it. However, it just seems like the iPad does it better, but don’t take my word for it, let’s put them to the test!

Let’s get started on how long you can use these devices without having to plug it in and enjoy non-stop 4k video. The Surface Pro hits an impressive 9 and a half hours with a video over Wi-Fi that runs at 150 nits. The XPS does a little better with almost 12 hours on 1080p but drops to 8 and a half at 4k. The iPad dominates both with an amazing 13 and quarter hours at 4k. Some might say “maybe it’s not as bright as the others”. Sorry, but you’re wrong, in fact, the iPad Pro has at least 60 more nits than the XPS and almost 80 more than the Surface Pro.

Let’s move on to the performance benchmark by Geekbench 4 and see if the iPad Pro’s A12 Bionic chip really has what it takes. Now just to give us an idea of how great the top 3 devices are, we tested a Samsung Galaxy Book 2 device, which is already impressive and got a rating of 3,945. The Surface Pro 6 was next, giving us a brilliant boost up to 13,025. The Dell XPS 13 i7 gets an even better rating with 14,180, but when we added the iPad to the test, it simply dominated all other devices.