Apple Reopening Retail Stores Throughout Asia

The Apple Company shocked its investors and Asian consumers when it was announced that their South Koren retail stores would reopen this week. The first location opening their doors again is located in Seoul, which follows after the local government demanded the resumption of retail operations. Representatives with the Apple Company enforced that retail locations elsewhere would not be reopened.

Asian retail locations for Apple were shut down after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out across China, spreading to all corners of our planet. It prompted Apple to eventually shut down all 450+ locations worldwide, with the deadline for reopening on March 27th being increased indefinitely. The overwhelming majority of these locations are located in populations hubs, meaning reopening won’t be possible until a vaccine is available. Shutdowns have forced Apple to limited Genius Bar Support while selling off their remaining inventory. Production of new handsets has also halted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Apple Company released an official statement. It mentioned how South Korea had displayed significant progress in limiting COVID-19. This follows after a popular of 51+ million saw a minimum of 10,500 confirmed cases. Limit death percentages from those confirmed cases were observed, with only 229 South Koreans passing away. It’s for these core reasons that the Apple Company is reopening its primary location in the South Korean capital. It should be mentioned that Apple also opened forty-two locations across China.

This statement enforced that employees would experience reduced hours, which will guarantee that employees and customers continue to remain healthy. Apple’s primary concern throughout China and South Korea is creating a clean and safe environment. Customers will still urge customers to order online to limit retail usage, with the reopening for viable for their Genius Bar Assistance. Millions in China and South Korea require their handsets to have yearly repairs.

The iPhone SE 2020

One of the newest device’s consumers can purchase in South Korea & China is the iPhone SE 2020 Edition. It’s an updated model in comparison to the two other versions. It supports new housing that’s reminiscent of the iPhone Eight. It’ll help a 4.7 Inch Retina Display, with a camera that’s consistent with an updated iPhone XR. Waterproof capabilities are also supported with the IP67 Rating. Additional benefits include the A13 Bionic Chipset, which enables WiFi Six and Haptic Touch Feedback. All these specialized components and features will cost $399.99 in USD.