Apple Pays Icon Designer for $100k

When new markets are created on Apple’s app store, there’s the lucky few that sustain high profits after an innovative idea. History repeated itself similarly to the original iOS Software Breaks from the 2010s, where illegal hackers altered how Apple’s software could be engaged. It created more customization options & permitted an open-source platform similar to Android. Apple banned iOS Software Breaks in 2017, with customers being forced to use simple software that avoided customization.

That was until the release of iOS14 in September 2020, which saw tech enthusiasts locate a software glitch in the 14th edition of Apple’s operating system. This glitch enabled created to customize their home-screens with new icons & coordinated colour themes. The iOS14 glitch has become viral, with millions worldwide creating their respective themes or downloading others from content creators. One designed named Traf earned $100,000.00 within several days after showcasing his personalized theme.

The rapid growth of profits was earned after Marquez Brownlee, an iconic tech reviewer on YouTube, showed off the Traf design to millions of his viewers. Traf’s creation maintains a minimalistic look that’s themed around dark blacks & greys. The clean aesthetic associated with Traf’s design made it a viral sensation, with more than 3500 installs & purchases from consumers. That number will likely reach +10 thousand from October to November.

Android has provided these customization options to consumers for more than ten years, with Apple stealing a large percentage it’s competing softwares ideas. When the glitch iOS14 was revealed through Twitter, Traf didn’t hesitate to design his iteration & release a screenshot on his account.

Let’s Go Viral

It became a viral sensation, with thousands liking it throughout the world. Marquez Brownlee was one of the thousands that saw his posting and adopting Traf’s design into his most recent YouTube video. There’s been more than $140,000.00 earned for Traf since Marquez Brownlee showed off his plan, with each download requiring a $28.00 price-tag for consumers.

Traf is located in San Francisco & this viral design will permit the designer to reach new heights in his career. Apple themselves could contract Traf for employment & release their respective themes to iPhone owners.