Apple Makes Great First Impression with Watch Series 4

The new iPhones from Apple are truly remarkable, but what really made an impression was the Watch Series 4 that managed to catch everyone’s attention last week at Cupertino. Apart from a major redesign, the company also managed to cram an arsenal of improved fitness and health features into the brand-new Watch Series 4’s newly improved body.

Smaller in Some Ways, Bigger in Others

The new Watch Series 4 is much bigger this time around with 44mm and 40mm bodies, which is an increase from the previous 42mm and 38mm bodies. What’s truly impressive, despite the bigger display and wider frame, it that it feels much more comfortable to wear when you compare it to the earlier model. Another notable improvement that will make a difference is the fact that the watch isn’t as curvaceous as the previous model.

Overload of Information

This is certainly not a problem for the new Watch Series 4 from Apple unless you decide it should be. Both the new Watch designs from Apple comes equipped with displays that stretch across the case’s face even further than the previous model, and since you can utilise faces with up to 8 complications, it’s quite easy to overload the screen with too much information. On the other hand, it’s not difficult to customise the faces to ensure it’s not cluttered with unnecessary apps.

Siri Chats Made Easy

The virtual assistant from Apple tends to get a lot of criticism, but at least the new Series 4 makes its easier to talk to Siri. Apart from saying ‘Hi, Siri’, or simply pushing down the Digital Crown, you can now raise your hand to your mouth and simply start talking. In addition, you can also activate any of the shortcut commands on your phone with Siri if you are running on iOS 12. Even though there’s still a few fumbles, it feels far more natural when you talk to Siri now.

Fall Detection

What’s quite impressive in the new Watch Series 4 from Apple is the fact that it will take care of you as well. Should you ever suffer a nasty spill, Apple’s new Watch Series 4 will immediately recognise the motion and confirm that you are indeed okay. Should you not respond within a minute, the watch will call emergency services. Another big selling point to the Series 4 is the capability of detecting your heart rate and the ability to record electrocardiograms.

Communicating With Friends

Although it’s a watchOS 5 feature, Apple decided to introduce it into the Series 4 as well. It’s extremely simple and does exactly what it implies. Once it’s enabled, you simply need to hold down the huge yellow button and chat away. You can basically have real-time conversations with friends that have the same watch. However, should the conversations be more in-depth, we highly recommend that you rather give them a call or use FaceTime.