Android Eleven Announcement Postponed

Dedicated supporters behind the Android Operating System were disappointed to learn that the “A11 Virtual Event” has been postponed. The Google Company would’ve held a live-streamed event on June 1st, unveiling the 11th edition of Android. PR Reps didn’t issue an official announcement regarding the delay. There are some tech analysts close to Google who’ve claimed this is the company’s response to growing protests in America. These protests were prompted after George Floyd, an African American Male from Minnesota, was wrongfully murdered by law enforcement. This cop responsible faces 3rd Degree Murder. His actions prompted rioted protests in Atlanta, Oakland, New York City, and California.

Google’s Twitter account issued a response to the delayed announcement of Android Eleven. It was clarified that they’re excited to share information on their latest Operating System, with this just not being the correct time. If Google Executives believe that limiting the announcement of Android 11 will deter civilians from stopping the socialist values of Donald Trumps America are wrong. Evidence worldwide proves that citizens won’t lay down & stop fighting for democracy.

It’ll be interesting to see how the President of Google & Vice President of Android respond to the continued protests. Their legally not permitted to shutdown telecommunication handsets, meaning bullish tactics from Google is limited. It should be mentioned that a new date for the Android 11 Virtual Event hasn’t been issued.

The Google Pixel Five

Google’s position in the mobile market is dwindling with their respective handsets. The Pixel Series has deterred in popularity over the last two generation cycles, with online excitement towards the Pixel 5th Gen being minimal. Engineers working for the Google Mobile Division must developer a modernized smartphone that exceeds expectations in three categories. Those being Design, Physical Components, and Camera Module. Massive overhauls of these categories are required after continued complaints from Pixel owners. This is shocking when considering that the Pixel Cameras were considered best amongst all Android handsets.

Physical Components of the Pixel Five must be updated. Using a metallic structure with large bezels won’t enforce new popularity onto Google’s handset. Implement similar structures to Samsung, which used durable class with different colour options. Following these measures could see Google Pixels return to providence.