Amazon & Microsoft Teaming Up Against Covid-19

The Amazon Company and Microsoft Corporation are teaming up to ensure the delivery of coronavirus test kits. This is being accomplished through the Gates Foundation’s Coronavirus Assessment Network, which is determining how Covid-19 is spread globally. Amongst their research, a group of drivers will deliver testing kits throughout North America. Testing kits in Seattle’s King Country will be obtained for research purposes. The Amazon Company is using “Amazon Care Services” for delivery, which is similar to a pharmaceutical delivery service.

It should be noted that King County in Seattle has become one of the most impacted hot-zones in the United States of America. The Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network or SCAN will comprise of numerous public health and medical researchers. They’ll determine how infections are spread throughout various areas in America. Public Health Workers could better inform themselves about the potential of outbreaks. Acquiring this research will require the assistance of Amazon Care, who will use Pandemic Suits to deliver and re-acquire these testing kits. Those confirmed with Covid-19 will be immediately informed and placed into contact with healthcare experts.

Amazon Care Services provided a formal statement regarding this announcement. They remarked their gratefulness for a strong community of academic, global health and public health leaders. A spokesman noted that Amazon Care Services is happy to leverage their logistical infrastructure for the benefit of community support. It should be noted this partnership will drastically assist America with its Covid-19 research, which has been minimal under the advisement of Donald Trump.

Additional Details

The United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention confirmed on March 23rd that 33+ thousand cases of Covid-19 were across the nation. That’s an increase of 18+ thousand since the CDCs last report, with the latest details indicating the death toll has reached 400. Daily announcements of this nature have prompted “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” to create the SCAN Program. The Welcome Research Charity and MasterCard Impact Charity have collectively committed $125 million towards research efforts. Additional funds will be provided amidst a viable treatment.

Bill Gates left the Microsoft Corporation to assist with the growing demands of worldwide citizens. Concerning issues like Covid-19, World Hunger, Climate Change and many other global problems are reviewed through the Gates Foundation.