Amazon and Tesla Implement New Strategies Amidst Coronavirus

After delegations with health officials and government representatives, Tesla Incorporated confirmed they’ll be implementing a three-week lockdown on production. This decision was performed to ensure the general public safety, with it expected to limit the production volumes for the Model Y drastically. High demand for the new Tesla Model Y will be delayed, with pre-order owners having to wait an unexpected period to receive their vehicles. Elon Musk didn’t want manufacturing to be limited with Tesla, hoping that their respective models could be delivered under normal conditions. The Alameda County Tesla Factory will now limit visitations to the essential business functions.

Individuals employed with the Tesla Fremont Plant will continue manufacturing their respective vehicles. These individuals aren’t obligated to work, with Musk confirming they wouldn’t lose their positions by staying home amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Throughout a company-wide email, the chief executive officer expressed that the coronavirus panic outweighs the virus itself and that employees aren’t at risk within these facilities.

The Fremont Place is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is reported to have more than 270+ cases of the novel coronavirus. When it applies to California, their numbers are slightly higher, and they’ve had twelve associated deaths. Ten thousand individuals are employed by Tesla globally and aren’t at jeopardy to risk their lives. It’s expected that the 415,000.00 Electric Vehicles manufactured by Tesla yearly will be limited by 35% following the coronavirus. It should be mentioned that the Shanghai Tesla Plant shut down its operations for ten weeks.

Amazon Limits Shipping Capabilities

Tesla Incorporated isn’t the 1st only substantial corporation that has had to implement new measures to ensure public safety. The Amazon Company confirmed that essential items would be the only items stocked in their warehouses going forward. This will be accomplished to ensure completion of the overwhelming demand for household supplies. Third-Party Sellers won’t be provided with the opportunity to ship orders through Amazon going forward, with this temporary measure being in effect until April 5th. The United States and European Union are the confirmed locations for this temporary measure. It should be noted that Third-Party Sellers can ship their products directly to consumers for the coming two-weeks.