AirPods 1 vs AirPods 2

It’s finally that time of 2019 where we see some new products from the Apple team as they release the AirPods 2. Now, many have been focused on what Apple will be presenting when it comes to their new phones, and not many have been wondering what the new AirPods would provide to the game, but we finally have them and get to see how they compare.

When looking at the box, not much seems different, but as we all know, Apple wouldn’t just slap an “AirPods 2” sticker on a box and make a big announcement about them without revealing some vast changes. Of course, we’re excited to see what’s new and how the company changed things for the better. So, let’s dive in and see what the new Apple AirPods 2 are all about.

First Appearances

Taking both the first and second gen AirPods out the box doesn’t reveal a whole lot of differences as both cases are the same size and weight about the same as well. However, the AirPods 2 case does have an LED indicator on the case, making it much easier to see when the case is fully charged and how much of its built-in battery is still available, which is a great touch. Other than that, the charging pins are the same, and the bottom at the back is in the same location. However, AirPods 2 does provide a different texture on the button, making it easier to feel.


For those who get their hands on the AirPods 2 before the next iOS, you might find that it requires your phone to look for an update. Apple still makes it easy to connect the AirPods, which occurs as soon as you open the case within the range of your iPhone or iPad. On the phone, you’ll instantly see the notification appear to let you know it’s connecting, or you’ll be required to update the phone’s iOS.

While it’s connecting, you won’t see any differences with the old and new AirPods as they both look the same and you might even get confused as which are the old and new ones. With everything you do on the new AirPods, you’ll see it does respond a lot faster. For example, when you put the new ones in your ear, they apply the volume change much quicker than the old ones.

The difference is Sound and Features

After testing both the first and second gen AirPods, you might find yourself disappointed to find similar sound quality to the first generation, which already provided excellent quality. In all fairness, there wasn’t that up to be upgraded.

The “Hey Siri” feature also seems to work a lot faster with the new AirPods, which has to do with the faster connection. The new AirPods are the ones to go for if you don’t have AirPods at all, but it might not be worth the upgrade from the first gen.