Additional Smart Rings

Last week we considered smart rings as an alternative to the smartwatch and fitness tracker. I only brought the Oura and the Motiv ring to your attention but found a few more that could spark some interest. This little device retails for around £130. The Mclear offers something different, something to make it stand out from the rest. The nifty, handy ring provides the ability to make a payment. Reminds me of a scene from E.T. The ring works in the same way, as your tap to pay card.

The ring is friendly to both operating platforms, creating a secure bank account, and when all the nitty-gritty is sorted out, you tap your fist to pay. There is also an app that runs alongside this wearable, allowing you to access detail such as average spend, places you spend and the option to top up. It has plans to spread its roots to Japan in 2020.

NFC Ring

One of the smart rings on the lower end of the price range will still cost you around £75. This is a lot to pay for a little piece of tech but is more obtainable for those on a middle-income salary. This device is an interesting one as you can not only transfer information and unlock phones, but it also works to open NFC enabled doors.

In the ring, two NFC tags are inlayed. One of these tags holds information accessible to everyone and the other stores your confidential information. These tags are strategically placed, the sensitive information on the inside of your palm. This ring, as like others mentioned claims to be waterproof up to 50m and has been brought out in a variety of designs for both gentlemen and ladies.

The Bling Smart Ring

This, as the name suggests, is a luxury collection of smart rings. They track fitness and have an element of safety. This fashionable ring is like no other. You have a choice of sterling silver or 12 karats gold, a variety of 12 styles, seven gems and sizes 5 – 10, quite spoilt for choice. Your battery should last up to 48 hours, and then there is the feature of water resistance. The safety aspect of this ring comes in the form of an SOS alert text sent to your friends or family when the ring is tapped in a specific sequence.

Final Words

It is uncertain what the future holds for smart rings, but with such a variety of designs, makes, models with features to satisfy many, I am sure we will see more developments. I also believe there are many people out there who would instead put a ring on it then be suffocated by the tight strap of the readily available smart, fitness tracking watches. Feels like the tech-savvy modern-day designers would give 007’s gadget guy a run for his money. A series that could be tracked by wearing a smart ring.