A Smartphone With 8 GB RAM And 3.5 GHz Processor – Could This Be Real?

A Smartphone With 8 GB RAM And 3.5 GHz Processor – Could This Be Real?

The title may look like a click bait, but we aren’t lying about it. 8 GB RAM in a smartphone may sound tough to exist as per now, but one brand may have accomplished this milestone.

ZTE, a Chinese company which is also well known globally announced few smartphones about a month ago, Nubia Z9 Max and Z9 mini while the expected flagship Nubia Z9 left unannounced. However, a Chinese mobile information network, Tenna listed this unofficial device, but the jaw dropping part was the listed specifications which includes of 8 GB RAM.
Source: souji.tenna.com.cn

 Here Are The Key Specifications Of ZTE Nubia Z9 As Listed By Tenna

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ZTE hasn’t made any official comment over it. ZTE Nubia Z9 was supposed to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with Cortex A-57 cores stated by GSMarena just like Nubia Z9 max which has been officially announced already while on Tenna’s website, the SoC of the device is not mentioned. It’s very unlikely to Qualcomm chip to support 8 GB of RAM as there is not any official statement over this too.

The biggest possibility here is to be the fault from Tenna side, it can be possible that they mistakenly listed it, but the interesting thing is that Tenna hasn’t changed any kind of information from the page yet.

It’s only about a week remaining in the official announcement of Nubia Z9 and all the questions and doubts will be clear when the curtains from this rumored monster will fall.