A little Help Selecting Your Hero

Some like Batman and Robin because of their bond, others like Spiderman because of his lack of fear and attraction to the extreme. Just like there is a superhero for everyone, there is a GoPro Hero for everyone. Ever wonder which GoPro Hero is best for you? With such an array of options, it can be confusing, here’s hoping this article on the hero will help you make your decision.

All of the Hero Black series has 4k video capturing with recordings at 30 frames per second. The 6 and seven at 60 frames per second, which is only essential if wanting an option of super slow motion. They also all sport a 12mp camera. The 4k is a “nice to have” but not a “have to have” as most televisions are only now coming out in 4k.

Hero 4 Black – 2014

Although quite an old model, this is still considered the high end. It is both wifi and Bluetooth compatible, with a 1160mAh removable battery and is waterproof up to 40m in its protective case. With electronic stabilizing, it is more suitable to capture those family games nights and thumb wars. It doesn’t have a touch display, GPS or an HDMI port, but who wants to fiddle with that during an intense game of UNO.

Hero 5 Black – 2016

This camera is a step up from the Hero 4 with a longer life removable battery at 1220 mAh. It is one better as it has the touch display, 3 Microphones for better sound recording (Hero 4 Black only has one microphone) and an HDMI port.

The hero is waterproof up to 10 meters and the better sound recording, this option will be well suited to outdoor gentle watersports like canoeing and kayaking, you don’t have to be worried about rapids. You might even be able to identify some birds by their calls captured on the audio.

Hero 6 Black – 2017

Seeing that we started with the older camera that is considered a high-end camera, the models three years younger are still high-end and only get better. The Hero 6 is almost the best choice as it not only captures footage at 60fps as stated above, but it also features an LCD touch screen with advanced stabilization for capturing. This will be a great option if you are into more extreme sports like waterfall diving, rock jumping or paragliding.

Hero 7 Black, The Flagship Model – 2018

Now for the mother of all GoPros, pictured in a cape and spandex, more impressive than Superman, more ripped than Hercules, the GoPro 7 Black. This little yet fierce camera boasts all of the above and more. It has hyper smooth stabilization, time-warp video, in-camera photo enhancements and the option of capturing 15 to 30-second clips, more comfortable and less time consuming when uploading to social media. This is perfect for the extreme sports who vlogs and likes to keep high-quality video memories.