3D Printer Buyers Guide

3D Printer Buyers Guide

So, the idea of getting your own 3D printer have finally come around. These are some incredible machines, creating new possibilities with each idea and design you have. You might have done some research, even looked and prices and found there are some huge differences. Some of these printers start from just a few hundred while others go for around a thousand and the rest are well over a couple of thousand.

Do You Really Need a 3D Printer?

Many people think they need a 3D printer just for the small things they need in the garage or the things they would like printed once or twice a month. In this case it’s best to have someone print for you. There are many services from around the world and they all offer professional services and use devices that print a lot better than the cheap products on the market.

If you’re just interested in the technology and fooling around with it, it might just be worth making a visit to Fablab who might just cure your desire. Alternatively, you can look at one of the cheaper printers that might not give you precision like the half a million dollars printers but are still good enough to provide the work you need, they might just need a little more re-working afterwards.

If you need to print more often and get something that can do the work, you’ll need to look at the major brands. The cheap Chinese printers are good for fooling around with, but they simply don’t deliver the same accuracy and easy to use software.

Choosing the Best Printers

Assuming you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred thousand, you’ll need to take a look at 2 of the biggest brands that offer great functionality, excellent software and provide really good results.

First up, you’ll need an FDM 3D Printer, which by far the most common among professionals who need a desktop printer system that has the abilities and accuracy for professional results. These printers are available in various styles and features, which usually includes 3-axis machines. Some might even provide the X axis by moving the printing floor.

It simply heats the thermoplastic filament and pipes it through the head at a rather impressive rate. Therefore, the printer is actually quite quick, and with a price ranging from just $300 all the way through to $5,000, you’ll have loads of room to find the perfect printer setup with the other features you need. This is the most important aspect of the printer, but certainly not the only requirement.

If you have a little more to spend, consider upgrading to the SLA printing options, which features a laser that works with UV to cure the printing resin a lot faster. This allows the structure of your print to be a lot stronger, which also makes it possible to continue printing for much longer. These move up drastically in price, starting from around $3,000 all the way through to $10,000.